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Uvdal Compact Lodge

Welcome to Uvdal Compact Lodge, at the top of Uvdal Ski Resort! Ski in, ski out!

We've been eagerly anticipating showcasing this environmentally friendly, innovative, and new cabin concept - which we believe is the first of its kind being launched as a complete cabin area in Norway!


Located on the edge of the magnificent Hardangervidda, it offers fantastic nature experiences all year round. Here, you have direct access to alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, hunting, and fishing.


We gently place fully assembled cabins on supports in the terrain, preserving the land. Water, sewage, and technical installations run in insulated boxes beneath the plank path - above the ground, leading to the cabins from the road.


We've invested in a communal carport for secure weather protection for cars and have set up charging stations for electric vehicles. Additionally, there are guest parking spaces available.


By assembling pre-made cabins on-site, we achieve a remarkably short construction period. Once the project begins, we aim to offer possession of a new cabin with your chosen style just 10 weeks after signing the contract!


Preserving nature is one of the aspects we cherish most about this concept. Conventional cabin construction disrupts and alters nature irreversibly. When you see the forest floor where our cabins will be situated, you'll quickly understand why this matters to us. It's incredibly beautiful.


Furthermore, we've prioritized an eco-friendly profile, sourcing all materials locally, using only products from Numedal, and employing craftsmen from Uvdal.


When you witness the area designated for this concept - right at the top of Uvdal Ski Resort, on the verge of the majestic Hardangervidda - you'll be struck by its incredible beauty, yet also its fragility. Being able to harmonize cabin construction with nature in this manner is something we hope many more developers will adopt in the coming years.

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INT_01_Lys variant.jpg

Description of the 54 sqm usable floor space cabin:

Modern design, high environmental factor, and low energy consumption.

Modern design, high environmental factor, and low energy consumption characterize this cabin designed by Logg Architects. This 54 sqm usable floor space cabin has been elevated with extra ceiling height, and all windows are 2.4 meters high to create a spacious and well-lit interior.


The main bedroom is situated in the eastern part of the cabin, featuring a large panoramic window that captures the breathtaking view of Uvdal. There's also a narrow window offering additional natural light and ventilation. Adjacent to the bedrooms is a hallway with ample space for a generous wardrobe solution.


The main bedroom has a French door entrance, while a sliding door separates the smaller bedroom and bathroom. The smaller bedroom comfortably accommodates a bunk bed and features a floor-to-ceiling window for excellent light and views. The bathroom includes a vanity unit with a sink and countertop over the washing machine. It's equipped with a wall-mounted toilet and a shower enclosed by glass doors that fold inward, optimizing space.


Behind the bathroom, there's a technical room housing all the essentials for the cabin's functionality. The heat pump is strategically placed above the entrance to the sleeping area, providing centralized heating without compromising the living room wall. Combined with underfloor heating in the hallway and bathroom, the cabin offers a cozy and warm ambiance.


The living room has been meticulously designed to maximize natural light and exploit the panoramic views these cabins offer. A larger window faces south, complemented by additional window sections adjacent to the double glass doors leading to the west-facing terrace, allowing for ample afternoon and evening sunlight.


Given the cabin's high altitude within a ski resort, they typically face the north side of the mountain to preserve snow. However, by strategically positioning windows and considering the cabins' elevation, occupants can enjoy both a sunny terrace and ample natural light inside, in addition to the stunning views.


An external storage shed is included for storing firewood and ski equipment. The cabin exterior is treated with iron vitriol, resulting in a maintenance-free gray patina. This approach blends the cabins harmoniously into the surrounding low birch forest, working in tandem with nature without requiring ongoing maintenance efforts like painting or staining.


As an optional add-on, we offer a new solar panel concept. Installing these panels can cover approximately half of the expected annual power consumption, combined with a highly efficient air-to-air heat pump, ensuring year-round comfort at an affordable cost.

54 sqm Usable Floor Space - Light Nordic Style

54 kvm BRA, Dark Lodge style

Sales Phase 1

Sales Phase 1 consists of 7 cabins that have access to two ski trails, one named Slafenløypa, a green trail that runs above and on the east side of the cabins. On the west side, you can access a blue ski trail. These cabins are located right at the top of the area that is now available for sale. They will share a communal carport, each with its parking space, and collectively, they will have 4 guest parking spaces in the same carport.

To preserve the terrain, infrastructure in the area is designed to integrate with the landscape, and the carport roofs will be covered with turf, ensuring that when you look out from your cabin, the view won't be obstructed by cars. The carport, situated downhill from the cabins, blends seamlessly with the terrain.

The turnover of these initial cabins is anticipated to happen in the summer of 2024. We need to develop the necessary infrastructure as soon as the snow melts and we've sold what is required to proceed. Our plan is to commence this work in May, enabling us to place the sold cabins as soon as feasible.

The address for these cabins is Viddevegen 546-550.

 Uvdal- Undiscovered. Untouched. Unique

Uvdal hasn't chosen the slogan "closer to nature" for nothing - here, you have everything nature has to offer right outside your door, both in summer and winter. Take endless walks on the vast Hardangervidda, ski on freshly prepared slopes, or visit the wolves at Langedrag!

At the foot of the mighty Hardangervidda, at the top of Numedal, lies Uvdal Skisenter. For those of us who value ample space and a smooth skiing experience, there are few better alternatives in East Norway that also offer a varied range of alpine possibilities. Uvdal Skisenter has everything from steep slopes to gentle long runs, a new terrain park, and one of Norway's best spots for off-piste skiing.


If cross-country skiing is your thing, the possibilities are endless. Uvdal is a winter paradise with over 500 km of cross-country ski trails, both on the plateau and in the valley. You can choose freshly groomed trails or drive a few minutes into Jønndalen to Solheimstulen and experience the Hardangervidda for yourself in the mountains that open up there. Within a 15-minute distance, you can engage in activities such as ice fishing, dog sledding, winter paintball, tobogganing, snowmobile safaris, rafting, and much more.


Uvdal has even more to offer: Mountain food festivals, Medieval Week, Numedalsrally, Uvdal Games, Stave Church and Folk Museum, as well as the Wild Reindeer Festival? just to name a few. A real meeting point has been established at Vasstulan, which has a pleasant interior shop with the only outlet in Norway for Halvor Bakke's products. They also have a café and a restaurant with a serving permit. They offer takeaway, and if you have guests who want to stay elsewhere overnight, they can do so here.


The investment Uvdal Skisenter has made over several years, now with the newly built après-ski and restaurant right in the middle of the slope in the impressive Lavvo.

Uvdal Compact Lodge is located right at the top of the ski resort - right on the edge of the plateau, where the starry sky on winter nights is magical. Here, you don't have disturbing city lights that ruin the experience but instead, you witness a clear sky with countless layers of stars!

Skiringen or U-ring, as it is called, has been invested in and is now realized with an underpass under National Road 40, connecting both sides of the valley. A long-term plan and enormous investments show and elevate Uvdal to one of the best cabin areas Norway has to offer. You can now ski on both sides of the valley and access two different lift systems. It's modern in Uvdal, yet - there's a cabin atmosphere here.


Uvdal with Jøndalen and Dagalifjell has its own unique atmosphere to offer. Every season has something special, and the genuine, untouched Norwegian nature can be found here. And when you also know that there's rarely traffic jam in Numedal when you're heading to/from the cabin, and you don't have the stream of heavy traffic coming towards you on the road, well then, it's easy to travel to the cabin.


Uvdal has the cozy Fjellbutikken at the turnoff to Imingfjell; here, you get a good selection so you don't have to go to Rødberg or Dagali/Geilo to shop. The village has been incredibly good at investing in creating good events, whether it's après-ski or a nice dinner, you get everything here. You can call and order ready-made food delivered to the cabin; you can get help with anything you might dream of.


Uvdal is an inclusive mountain community with talented people who have deep roots here and who share the common desire to share the authentic nature experience with you. Uvdal is authentic. All of the above is the reason why you should drive an hour longer to get to the cabin; the rawness these mountains can offer, you won't find closer to the city. You can choose to be alone, with a few, or participate in a well-developed social life that exists here. Uvdal is undiscovered, untouched, and unique!